Paying Assessments


HOA Payment Instructions

Pay automatically with Association Pay (ACH)

With Truist Association Pay (ACH), you can have recurring payments debited directly from your checking or savings account held at any US financial institution.

Here’s how to get started:

Enroll online in TruistAssociation Pay (ACH) (opens in a new window). 

Enroll by mail or fax by completing the Association Pay enrollment form in your coupon book or following the instructions in this generic enrollment form (PDF).

Manage your Association Pay
To update your account, use the Change Form (PDF).
To stop your automatic payment, use the Cancel Form (PDF).
Download the Association Pay Deadline Calendar (PDF) to find the deadlines for setting up, changing or canceling the next payment.

Additional OptionsPay now online:

To make a one-time payment today, use our Online Payment System (opens in a new window).
Your homeowners association must be enrolled in our online payment service. (If your association isn’t enrolled, you’ll receive a pop-up message when you enter your payment information.)

Your online payment options:

  • Pay by debit or credit card with your Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® or Discover card. A convenience fee of 2.95% of the transaction amount is charged for payments made online by credit card. A flat .95 convenience fee is charged per transaction for payments made online by debit card.
  • ​Pay by eCheck with a one-time electronic funds transfer by ACH debit from your checking or savings account from any US financial institution. No convenience fee is charged for payments made by eCheck.

Pay with bill pay:

Schedule your association payment through your bank’s bill pay service or other online payment bill pay processor. Please refer to your Association Services coupon book for important instructions on using an online bill pay service.

Ensure your online bill pay setup reflects the following:
Payee Name: Plantation Lakes Homeowners Association
Payee Address: PO Box 628207, Orlando, FL 32862-8207
Payee Phone: 888-722-6669
Account Number: On each scheduled payment, use the bill pay account number that appears on your association payment coupon. Do not add any other letters, numbers or identifying words in the account number area.

When are online bill payments received?

In most instances, payments are not received on the same day that funds are debited from your account. Depending upon the method of payment and delivery used by your bill pay provider, payments may take up to 5 business days or more to be posted to your association’s account. When using a bill pay service, it’s advisable to schedule payments for a date well in advance of the due date.

Pay at a Truist branch:

We have more than 2,100 branches to serve you. Take your Association Services coupon along with your payment to anyTruist location near you.

Need help finding us? Locate the nearest Truist branch. (opens in a new window).

Mail your payment with coupon to:

PO Box 628207
Orlando, FL 32862-8207

Do not mail cash.
You must include an Association Services coupon with every payment.
Make checks payable to “Plantation Lakes Homeowners Association.”
Write your Bill Pay Number (located on your payment coupon) on your check.
Write “US Funds” on Canadian checks that are to be processed in US funds.

Please Note: Non-payment correspondence received by Truist at this address may be destroyed. Truist has no responsibility to forward any non-payment correspondence to your homeowners association. Please mail separately all non-payment correspondence to your property management company or homeowners association.

Need more information?
View frequently asked questions for details on making your homeowners association payments.